The Tribe Sits, Steve Is Slowly Losing It (DCA)


Day 14:

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Danny. I’m not sure what’s going on. I continuously hear the words LOVE ALWAYS. I’m hearing voices and steps. Or is that the tribe? Is it normal to hear it once I leave the workout? Are those my own steps? I feel stranded. Lauren is taking the group photo. Giant rat sighted this morning. Thought about catching it for breakfast but ate stairs instead. Received Clayton’s message in a bottle. Bottle is weirdly shaped like a computer. I hear Clayton is missing his coleaders in SF as well. Are coleaders disappearing? Should I be worried? Releasing this message into the Potomac. Maybe Clayton will get it soon and know that he is not alone. There is hope. The sun rises and sets again. Danny, get well and come home soon please. The tribe is strong.


FRIDAY: Park at Ledroit in Ledroit Park #EARNYOURWEEKEND

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