The Tribe Likes Mudslides!

Is this where I’m supposed to post the recap from this week’s November Project – Seattle? Nope, this is still Chicago? If you say so… The dudes/dudettes of the Chi-Tribe are seriously fucking #weatherproof, and proved it again today in the rain.

After a quick warmup, we hit the sledding hill for some partner relay action, with a twist. If you wanted to avoid burpees at the bottom, all you had do is slide down the hill. Well, apparently nobody is afraid of getting a little dirty. Andrew Watt was the sliding champ, and we only recorded one minor injury in Dan’s ankle. Dont worry buddy, we’re all looking forward to #thereturn next week!

We decided to do some active recruiting and pulled in some potential newbies to the Minneapolis Tribe here for the week. After working out our glamour muscles by the lake, we had a sweaty group hug and peaced out. As we were leaving I couldnt help but notice how damn sexy the tribe is… Cant wait to get weird again with all of you good looking people next week!

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