The Tribe Is Drilling Fire, And BG&Bojan Are Leaving – Again (BOS)

The tribe is growing – plain and simple. When BG and I rolled around at 5:25 this morning, we were greeted by about 70-80 people. At 5:31, there were at least 100 people involved in the bounce. Did I mentioned that was our 5:30am group? You know, the “small” squad that was created over a year ago as a way for BG and I to get the workout in before everyone else shows up at 6:30? Yeah that one. But today wasn’t about the numbers, today was about the pushups. Sweet, delicious, chest rocking, triceps burning, pushups, that were executed every time the cowbell went off. And the cowbell went off quite a few times during the 45 minute long pursuit of the shade covering the eastern side of the stadium. Stairs kicked our butt, pushups took it over to the next level. This workout we like to call a #FireDrill!

As most of you know, June, July, and August can get pretty toasty here in Boston (even during the early morning hours). It’s imperative that we all stay cool and hydrated so please bring your refreshments of choice as the workout locations will have none. We will do everything in our power to provide an ass whooping workout but you’ll have to take care of the recovery and injury prevention so you can come back for more. It’s a strange masochistic relationship that we have going on here…

On Friday BG and I are going away on the cruise the Amazon river in a canoe. We’re starting in Brazil and going upstream to Colombia. No wives, no guides, no technology, just the two of us, couple of backpacks, machetes, GPS, satellite phone, DSLR camera, two sets of 50 lbs dumbbells, 100 cans of spam, 40 packets of microwavable popcorn, and 10 boxes of freeze pops. Basically just the essentials. While we’re away (just this Friday as we expect to be done with our trip in 3 days with air-faire included), you will be in capable hands of an Anglo-Mediterranean duo of Danny and Deniz.


You can call them double Ds, a British guy and a Turkish guy, or just Danny and Deniz. Whatever you do, don’t make fun of their accents, they’re very sensitive. If you don’t understand what they’re saying, just politely smile, nod your head and hope that someone else did. At the end of the day they will be probably talking about running up and down the hill anyway, so even if you know what they’re saying, just head down the hill and turn back up at the bottom.

See you all next week!


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