The Tribe is Weird.

It was the coldest morning we’ve had so far this fall. We’re not complaining, just noting that it felt like 8 degrees. But it’s just weird to play outside when it’s this cold and windy, and it’s still dark. I don’t understand why everyone shows up. Weird weird people. You run up and down the stairs. You jump up and down. You still need to get better at the survival huddle for warmth. Seriously, you show up but you have to be encouraged repeatedly to stand close enough to the other weirdos to benefit from their body heat. We will practice this and we will get better at heat huddling. The tribe will be a close, warm AND weird tribe as the weather continues to get colder and harsher.

cold morning

This weird yet solid, committed, and brave tribe showed up this morning to run the big seats of Harvard Stadium. Deniz got us moving, chanting, and running. He was the “Boston co-leader heard ’round the world” with the brand new shiny #DEE megaphone in full effect. It’s a pretty handy tribe leader accessory.


He challenged us to run 40 sections as fast as we can with 4 or 5 different 10-pushup fire drills. Because it was so darn chilly, we had to keep moving to stay warm, and the tribe did a great job of running until the group photo. We can also do a great job recording how fast we did our 40 sections on the results tracker. You know we’ll do 40 again soon, so keeping track now helps you to be sure you’re getting faster.


Speaking of faster, I’m not sure we all realize how lucky we are to have co-leaders like Evan and Deniz, who are speedy rabbits for us all to chase as we go through the stadium. We can trust that no matter how hard the workout is, We can set our eyes on them and keep pushing forward knowing that we will also get faster, get better and get stronger as a result. As co-leaders, all three of us strive to push and support the whole tribe each day and we’re grateful that you show up to push and support each other. When we do that, every single one of us are leaders through our actions and attitudes, and that is how we continue to get stronger as a tribe, not only as individuals.

The workout ended with a breezy group photo and the birthday kids thought they might get sung to or BOOMed or even crowd surfed. Instead but they got the weirdest, best birthday gift ever with an extra set of push-ups while they were sung to, and we all headed home feeling pretty badass. We are weird, and we’ll keep being weird and #weatherproof all winter long. Keep showing up.

And a shoutout to my badass newbie meeting group this morning! That crowd was rolling deep and it was a hell of a morning to show up for the first time. Weird folk. Come back soon!

rise and shine

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