The Tribe is an Animal- BALTIMORE

The tribe is a crazy  fitness animal.

The tribe is waking up, jumping out of bed, putting on whatever battle tested pair of shoes they  are sporting that day and running out the door. The tribe does not check the weather.

The tribe is waking up because they have to. Not because anyone says to, but because that’s simply what they do. While the rest of the world is asleep, prepping for months of hibernation the tribe is alive and awake, a massive breathing, bouncing love machine.  The tribe wakes up to be a part of something because that’s better than the alternative. You can either love your city, run your city and change your city or you can keep sleeping soundly knowing that tomorrow will be just like the day before. The tribe does not settle for routine.

The tribe does not believe in fences. The tribe cannot be contained.
The tribe does not believe in fences. The tribe cannot be contained.

Every day the tribe wakes up is a new day because they make it that way.

The tribe sleeps until 6:30 am  on the weekend because that’s  our version of sleeping in.  The tribe shows up to business meetings in their version of  business attire, suits and sneakers.  The tribe gets in cars at 5 am, drives from D.C to Baltimore to eat hills…just because.

The tribe is going to take your city, turn it upside down, spread joy like crunchy peanut butter then run your steps, your hills, your jungle gyms, your back yards. The tribe is going to run with mayors, burpee with pro-ballers, hoistie with Olympians until they’re  all simply one of the tribe.

So set your alarms, say goodbye to your pillow and your warm bed and do something hard for a change. The tribe is not easy. The tribe is a challenge. You can always do the workout, that’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting up and making today different than yesterday.

The tribe is a crazy, joy fed animal. The tribe takes big bites out of life.

The tribe wants you.



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