A, B, C…Not As Easy As 1, 2, 3 (DCA)

To start, I’m sure it’s been way too long since you heard this song, so listen while you read.

Hopefully everyone still got a good workout in this morning despite the confusion. As we grow bigger, we’ll need to do workouts similar to today’s to maximize the usage of the space in which we flash mob. We’ll make sure we try to do a better job of explanation as long as you promise to listen closely when we explain the day’s workout. We all do our job and things will go smoother. If you get confused, don’t know what to do, feel lost, etc., just hop in with another person. As long as you continue to move with a smile on your face, we’re happy and so are you.

Logistics out of the way, let’s talk upcoming hype:

A. Continue to branch out, recruit to workouts and meet new people at workouts. It’s what makes us unique. Throw a hips-in hug someone’s way.

B. Make an attempt to brighten someone’s day around you. A simple compliment, the extra coins if someone’s short at the register, the high five to the runner going past. Make this city a better place for yourself and everyone else. That positive vibe spreads like wildfire. Kind of like this video that a random company made (we do not endorse this company).

C. The race for #3014 is still on. Watch this video if you don’t know what we’re talking about

1. If you PR’d last month, see us Monday for your Sweetgreen that you earned.

2. October 22nd: We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of November Project DC. There will be a party that evening. Formal #grassrootsgear encouraged. Location TBD.

3. November 5th: Celebrating 3 years of November Project worldwide. Let’s get hyped. Mugshots (yearbook photo style) will be taken so you can remember that random dude’s name that you ran next to two workouts ago.



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