Shake it Off (DEN)

Sometimes you need to take big risks to get big rewards. That is just what the LieutenantGeneral did today. As you know, on Friday we take our tribe on the road and explore our city under the guise of building community and sculpting power booties (HR) and crushing biceps. Today was no different, EXCEPT that it was confusing as evidenced by slow trickle in of tribesmembers who go lost on the way/couldn’t find parking/mis-navigated the one-ways. Wait, so what was the big risk in there? I guess only that there was no convenient parking. So we’d like to pose a challenge: Everything in lifeis about convenience today, but at NP we want you to push yourselves, and help push others. Next time we go to these stairs (or any location for that matter), maybe park 0.5 miles away and then run to the workout. Maybe the next week you can try parking 1 mile away from the stairs. Big risks, big rewards. ANYWAY, for those of you who did show up, you know that this location packed a #weekendearning punch and then some**. So yea, the location may have seemed hard to get to, but it was a good one. Definitely a good one. Expect it more as the weather gets worse.

**”Then some”: an ab blasting, v-holding, shimmying dance off to the latest trending Taylor Swift beat.


10/10: Happy Hour TONIGHT. Meet at Gov’s Park Tavern at 6pm for a run around Cheeseman followed by drink and food specials at the bar. For more info see Gociety event. #GORTHH

10/15 WED: 5:30A and 6:15A at the CAPITOL STEPS. Remember #3014? Let’s make DEN shine on the NP map and help contribute to the greater goal. That means 100 people on a Wednesday. If 20 people bring just 1 friend, we hit it easy. So make sure to bring your recruiting game with you this weekend while you’re out there doing cool CO things. We want them all! Before this #freefitness thing was a social media movement, it was a Word of Mouth #GRASSROOTS movement. Get out there and talk to your neighbors, strangers, fellow hikers– you might be surprised by the people you can meet.

10/22: NP5280 1 Year Anniversary. Clear your morning AND your evening. Remain in anticipation until we drop epic plans all over the place.

11/5: NP Fall 2014 YEARBOOK photos. Boston wants to know if we can have 100 members by that day. I don’t know guys, what do you think?

Have a great weekend.

Love always, Gen.


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