The time we threw a lot at you – NP_BAL


Guys we know this morning was pretty wild. You may still be recovering. So in an effort to distill this morning down to just a few essential points, I give you… *drumroll*….ahem…*drumroll* please. GUYS! I SAID DRUMROLL!!!! ….ok, I present….”a list of very important things“:

  1. This morning was epic. It was sweaty and fast and hot and like, a million other adjectives. Feel free to insert your own. If you enjoyed it, tell a friend. If you didn’t, tell us. Or a friend. But us first. We like improving.IMG_8876
  2.  #DRNHNT has concluded. The big show will be going down next week. If you don’t know what #DRNHNT is, just show up next week. We promise it’s going to be fun.
  3. In regards to next’s going to be a really big deal!! At the national level we’ll be on boarding two new tribes, London and Amsterdam. If you get a chance to welcome these tribes over the interwebs, please do so. It’s daunting being a new tribe and support is always welcome. At the local level we’ll be handing out some free stuff for you all, thanking some really important people very publicly, crushing an epic workout and celebrating ourselves just a bit. So, if there was ever a time to bring a newbie, next week is it!
  4. Thank you to all you wonderful taggers this morning. You saved Pat, Syd and I hours of scrubbing our hands to get paint off of them. If you need any recommendations on how to get paint off of your hands, my biggest word of advice is “it takes time.” Also thank you to Holabird sports for donating a whole bunch of tennis balls! Y’all the beez kneez. IMG_8899
  5. #KNOTTYNP has also concluded! This was an Instagram competition we hosted to give away a couple of bibs for the Baltimore Running Festival. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN A BLOG VERY SOON….JUST NOT THIS BLOG! Go check out the hashtag to see what went down. If you forgot to participate, we’re sorry, but you should still sign up for the festival. Use the discount code “NovemberProjectBmore” for some free moneyz off.
  6. Since this coming Friday is the Friday after PR day we are taking NP on the road. Friday’s workout will be at Union Square, located here! We do request that you don’t bring too much stuff with you. We would like to respect the neighborhood and not leave lots of backpacks and clothing strewn about. So if you can’t carry it on you during the workout( with maybe the exception of a water bottle) please leave it somewhere safe. Carpool, bike gang, run group your way over and be kind and courteous the whole way.
  7. Thank you to everyone that wore purple today for Overdose Awareness Day. I keep waking up because I get to be surrounded by people that care about the world they live in. That’s a really good feeling.
  8. Congratulations to our girl Rosalind on winning the positivity award today. This woman is a force and we’re incredibly proud she’s part of the November Project community here in Baltimore. If you don’t know her, please take a moment to get to know her. You’ll thank us later.
  9. Remember to use the tracker. Sometimes we forget about this guy, but it’s particularly useful on P.R day to track your results. Use it…again…you’ll thank us later.


As always, with lots of love, Take Very Big Bites Out of Life.



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