PR Heat Check (LAX)

I will be the first to join Ben in saying that this B-Lot PR day is a personal favorite and while our situation of currently being kept out of the Bowl is a big pain in the rear, it speaks volumes to the character of this tribe that we can pick up, find something new, and run the living shit out of it. You all should be proud of that effort, PR or not.


This was the first Wednesday without the lovely #tarataratara in front of the crowd, as she announced her stepping down last week. I’ve stayed mostly outwardly quiet on the matter until now (we talk sometimes without all of you around, crazy thought, I know) out of respect for her decision and transition back to being a strong member of the tribe but truthfully, I haven’t fully known what to say until today.

I’m so proud of her, and I know I’m not alone in that thought. She gave her whole heart and countless hours of her time to this tribe. She created amazing workouts that I will continue to replicate and pull ideas from, and she taught me where the best photos were and how to get just the right shot. To say she made me better at leading this tribe through her efforts would be an understatement because she showed us that potential for growth is limitless. That no task, problem, or injury was too big to take on head first and come out on top of. Her decision to become part of the tribe once again is one I respect and support fully, and I know she’s going to keep making this tribe stronger in her own, unique, no one stops me when I put my mind to something way that I’ve known and come to love so wholeheartedly. I’m lucky to know her and so glad she’s here.


Some of you may be wondering what Ben and my plans are moving forward regarding new leadership. Truthfully, we don’t have any. Until further notice, we’re going to ride with the two of us. As Ben said in ANOTHER blog post (couldn’t find it, needed to post this), we have always had big plans for NP LAX, and we plan on implementing them all the same as originally intended. So I owe Tara a GIGANTIC thank you for helping us get to where we are now, and let’s head into this new future open to whatever comes, knowing that we all have each other’s backs along the way. And if you want to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Whether it’s learning to tag, putting your photo skills to work, organizing a charity outing with the tribe, or anything in between, let’s find out a way to get you involved if you so desire. We want to see this community grow, and make a difference in this big city where it seems like your voice can get lost the moment it comes out of your mouth. Let’s be heard. This tribe, as one.

Do great, LA



  • That’s right, the return of homework. All month we want you to try and get someone to a workout. Wednesday or Friday, it doesn’t matter. Let’s start bringing people into this community with open arms and sweaty hugs.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one! Extra credit is totally a thing that I’m making up right now.

FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ Greek Theater

  • Meeting at the trail head just north of the theater, pin in the tracker
  • Bring a timing device and a water bottle if you want to keep one on you


  • #justshowup, but parking is a mother effer
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