Flashback (YEG)

This morning when I heard the thunder and rain from my cozy bed I had a flashback to the second ever NP morning. I was in charge of setting the location for that Monday as Andrew had already left town after hosting the first ever NP workout at Kinsmen. I, completely naive to what NP was all about, offered to carry on workouts throughout the summer until he returned. My first duty, which turned out to be a giant fail and also evidence of my lack of any NP awareness, was to select the “destination”. I chose a park a block away from my house in Sherwood Park…it should be convenient for the leader, right? I have since learned that it is ok to select a park right across the street from your house as long as your house is in Edmonton, but not if it is in a suburb. Anyway, needless to say, there wasn’t a huge turnout that morning – 4 of us completing a soggy deck of cards and running around a soccer field with lighting and thunder keeping us company. We were quite the sight! When I returned home that morning, I thought to myself, “What I have gotten myself into?!…I should probably read up on how this NP thing works.” And then I read this and really started to wonder what the heck I had committed to. IMG_0060

So there’s a little NP Canada history lesson for you, we’ve come a long way from those 4 soaking wet folks sweating it out in Sherwood Park. And while the thunder concert and light show that woke me up this morning were the same as that second NP morning, this time, the down pour held out until the after the group picture. Thank you, Mother Nature…I guess after 3 years we’ve earned that respect! To all of you who raced today – be it for the hat, the shirt, an extra section, a PB, for that delicious Moonshine Doughnut – mad respect! Well done!!


Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM

Monday – Sunrise 6K 6AM, Start Line is the corner of 105th & River Valley Road

Until next time…SMILE! J

This blog has been brought to you by #sportdonuts by Moonshine Doughnuts.


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