The Sneaky Sebastian (BOS)

You know our old friend Sebastian, the 7 minutes of heaven burpees.  That 420 seconds of glory.  Well we made it just a little more fun and spread out today.
We raced the crosswalk lights on opposite islands at the Porter Square T stop.  The sweet SIXTY seconds of intense movements, the dirty THIRTY seconds of burpees and then 30 seconds to get across the street to dive right back into it.

Thirty seconds of anything is digestible, bite-size, snack-able.  While 7 minutes is a full overstuff thanksgiving meal.  Those li’l 30 second chunks add up though and before you know it, you’ve gone ahead and completed a full badass Sebastian before the crack of dawn.  It’s always daunting those first few minutes – – like can I keep this going for another 6.5 minutes? When are my arms going to fall off? 
But when you’ve got almost 90 seconds in between each of those to take your mind off of it, those dirty thirties aren’t that bad. 

It’s the same with whatever and wherever you want to go.  Racing a full tour can be daunting AF.  But you focus on one section at a time? The up and down.  You break it down.  That’s a giant step but much more manageable, mentally, than 37.  So let’s take what we learned from today and bring it to our Wednesday workout.  Harvard Stadium, 5:29/6:29am.

As always, keep taking those giant bite-size chunks out of life!
Much love,



BUFFS ARE IN!!!!!!! Please come to workouts this week to collect yours (that you ordered and already paid for so there’s no reason to NOT come get them, you’ll also get a free workout with cool humans…#justshowup!).

WEDNESDAY 1/29 IS PR DAY at the stadium.  37 sections as fast as we can go. First PR of the decade on deck. 5:30 & 6:30am

SUNDAY 2/2 The annual Super Sunday race kicks off in Cambridge.  NP has a team and we’ll be hyping this race by giving away NP bibs over the next few days so try and win a spot to toe the line and rep hard in grassroots gear. If you really really want to run and you don’t already have a bib, TELL US, and also show up on Wed and Friday for workouts!!

NEXT MONDAY 2/3: is our next #destinationdeck AND we’re collaborating with the Esplanade Association by making our Monday workouts for the whole month of Feburary part of the Frost-fit workout series, which is promoting the use of the Esplanade for outdoor, fun, free activity. And we like that because we’ll be spreading the free-fitness positivity around the city where it’s needed!  MONDAY: meet at the Arthur Fiedler Head Statue here. 6:29am!

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