The Seventh Revolution.

Today was our last day of our Wish List edition of #MayhemMonday.  Hopefully we made all your wishes come true this year.  If not, fear not, we will be back and better then ever for 2016! Still free and still trying for #worldtakeover.

Back at OB Pier this morning was breathtaking as always.  We really can’t complain with any of our locations for NPSD but this was voted most popular, and for a good reason!  With the half mile long pier to race down with the surfer dudes and dudettes down below who’s  jaws were dropped from our fierce speed. Running along the cliffs till we hit our secret and rusty staircase is truly something special.  And even though we all hate running in sand it is still the best, especially with the busted Christmas tree!

You guys kill it everyday at NP but today you really impressed me.  After eating all the candy canes, gum drops and stealing Santa’s cookies I thought we would be in a rut. However, today we were brighter then ever!  We got down and dirty and rolled a lot, approximately 7 times.


Join us for one last workout together in 2015 on Wednesday.  Then prepare to move into 2016 as a happier, stronger, and brighter tribe than ever!

Ashleigh’s raspy words, Lauren’s translation:
– Wednesday Balboa Park 6 29am
– Mile challenge- December 31st 615 am Point Loma Nazerne University Track

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