#NP_MSP Christmas Edition: A Blog By Rachel White

I’m going to be completely honest, Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday of the year, its Thanksgiving. But here I am, a day after Christmas guest writing the November Project MSP blog post. So I won’t lie to you or wax poetic about this magical time of year, just check back in a few years when I get to do Christmas morning stockings and presents from Santa with little ones, ok?

Growing up I LOVED reading the Christmas cards and letters from our far off relatives, my parents friends, people I only knew through stories. What I loved about those letters was it was a way to take stock of the year that had passed and wish everyone the best in the new year. I find myself doing the same thing each year and December 25th really kicks off a week of reflection and setting up goals, dreams, renewed resolve for the coming year.

Dear Friends and Family:

In 2015 I found, built, nurtured friendships in the most unlikely of places. Spandex and spray paint of all shades took residence in my heart and in my house. Photographs were no longer something to flip through on my computer, they have been used to tell a story. A story that looks so serious on the outside but is actually packed full of joy, community and adventure. Conversations have taken place over coffee, over campfires, in cars, on foot, and using GIFs. Hugs replaced a shy wave, “Hi” was replaced by “Hello! I’m so glad you are here, how are you?” and goodbyes are more like “see ya later at the [Insert activity here].”

During the course of the last year I ran races, watched races, cheered races, celebrated victories and milestones all in the name of fun. Some races sucked, some races never sucked, some had heartbreak and for some, the feeling of achievement is more than I imagined.

As you can see, I spent 2015 falling helplessly in love… with a community. November Project has changed the lenses through which I see the world and the filters through which I experience life. I reflect on the last year with a heart full of gratitude and look to the new year without most of the Basic Bitch style resolutions, knowing that 2016 promises to be just as welcoming and adventurous.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.

NP Xmas 1 2015

~ Sunrise

The Christmas Morning workout dramatically changed direction when our fearless leader found himself involved in a series of unfortunate events. We missed him and worried about him but we trudged up the stairs despite it all. The workout was 30 minutes up the wonky stairs broken into 10 minute increments. Each time down the stairs required a different exercise: Star Jumps (I’M A STAR), dips (When I dip, you dip, we dip) and choose your own adventure. With 30 seconds left on the clock we all raced to the bottom for a plank and then another 30 seconds of planks for good measure. Hugs, photos and creative caroling wrapped up our morning. It was a great, quick workout and we made it out before the sun came up but we all know the real reason the sun wasn’t up… there were two dropped verbals – the sun doesn’t take that shit very lightly.

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