The Real Jones.

It’s the last time I can really talk about Indiana Junes for another 11 months so let me have these next few minutes to talk about the real Jones.

This one is dedicated to the myth and legend himself. A guy that brings a duffle bag of nips to his own bday celebration and goes by the name of Adam Sogoloff. It was true that we went to at least 4 different sources to validate no one has ever seen him won the positivity award. We were so sure he had received it that we actually gave it to his daughter, Belle, and one of his best recruits, Sugarmama, first.

Now as Saul mentioned this morning this guy takes a lot of shit (and gives a lot of shit) and through all this has created some incredibly strong relationships in this community. Here’s a few:

He leaves us with his (sweaty) mark in the heat of the summer. He adventures along side of us through the depths of winter. He keeps us own our toes with a good should throw, or two…

He keeps us hydrated

and literally carries us on his back

He’s been part of this family for as long as I can remember and today I was honored to witness this incredibly human receive a long overdue Positivity award. I speak for everyone that has every showed up and grabbed a sweaty hug from this human that we’re REALLY GLAD YOU’RE HERE soggy bottoms. Don’t ever change.


NEXT MONDAY 7/1 our workout will be at Thomas Menino Park, next to Spaulding Rehab. Map location right HERE.

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