the power of knowing a name (Ottawa)

This morning was a staple November Project Ottawa workout. Maybe this was your second 6:29am workout this week or maybe it was your first workout ever. We know we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, there’s power in spending those early mornings together. Not only are you testing your abilities and challenging yourself, your actions and willingness to give it your all spices it up for those around you. *Spices it up; can also be translated into: you push yourself harder with those around you, without question.

During the workout, we asked that you call out to someone. We asked that you found someone maybe you knew or met for the first time this morning but completing an exercise that they suggested for you. Once gassed, you would call out in hopes that someone would hear your cries request and come and offer you relief. The relief was a lovely jaunt to the monument and back, pace was challenge by choice, distance non-negotiable. However, what we did ask of you this morning was to find out the name of those that you swapped or took over for. We hear it all the time, that names roll out of our mouths faster than we can fill up our coffee cups. We recognize, understand and value each and every member of this community. We hope people feel welcomed by being encouraged, waved to, high fived to with the sound of their name. There is a trick to remembering the names, it is simple and quiet easy. If you ever forget, just ask. ASK, ASK and maybe ASK again. One time someone literally told me their name was Tom and I turned to my head to swivel turned it back again asked “so Colin how’s your week been so far?” I kid you not, this went on for weeks.

So who’s name did you learn this morning? Who did you want to wave by to but couldn’t remember their name? The power of knowing a name can go a long way, don’t doubt it.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Next week October 23rd is PR DAY at the LOCKS. Meet at Centennial Flame.
  2. On October 30th we are asking you to bring a pumpkin and dress up #halloween
  3. November is around the corner and we are heading back to Parliament Hill for the ENTIRE MONTH
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