The Positivity Award Speaks: meet Eric. (SD)

If you’ve ever attended a November Project SD workout, you know Eric. In fact, if you’ve ever attended ANY run club in San Diego, you’ve probably met Eric. This guy is everywhere. And while coming in 2nd place at the La Jolla Half Marathon, stamping recruiting papers,  and putting on some of the most fun local runs in Pacific Beach, he always has a smile on his face. Obviously the #positivityaward would make it’s way into Eric’s hands at some point.



You remember back during your elementary school days, being 10 years old and what life was generally like?

From my recollection, life was as follows:

The first moments of your day started a little slow, hesitant to jump out of your warm bed.  But before you knew it, you had a smile plastered on your face and you were a walking collection of grass stains, dust, and sweat.

You would head to school with all your friends.  You shared this unique bond.  By going to school and class together, especially recess, it kind of made you friends automatically.

Conversations and interactions were never about homework or chores, they were about making up silly games and challenges and giggling at swear words.

As you went through your day, you had some fantastic teachers, parents and coaches, guiding your infinite energy in the right direction, encouraging you where to go, what to do.  And occasionally calling you out for not following (some) rules.

Every now and again, when you gave it your best, tried your hardest, were a great friend, great classmate, or great teammate, you’d win an award.  The award would never have monetary value but yet it meant the world to you.

You were one enormous force of energy, impossible to contain, just waiting for the next opportunity to run around and burn off some steam.

And while your day may have been a little slow to start, you were always disappointed when it was over…wanting just a little more time with your friends.

It was simple.  It was perfect.

Then, one day, you grew up.  And at some point along the way, once you finally became a grown up, someone inevitably said, “Remember back when we were kids?  Life was so much easier, so much more fun.”

And in the past, I never had a response, I just nodded in agreement realizing, they were right, I didn’t have fun like I did when I was a kid.  Or make friends the same.  Or just LIVE the same.

But now I do have an answer.  I’ll simply say:

“Come to November Project.”

Yes, most my days are filled with uncertainly, stress, and responsibility, just like everyone else.  But now, for a couple mornings every week, I’m part of this special community that kind of makes me feel like I’m 10 years old all over again.  It’s simple.  It’s perfect.

This shit is good.

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