The Party is Only Just beginning (DC)

Cheers. Cheers to the year behind us. Cheers to a year of crazy memories, crazy friends. To #weatherproof, to #justshowup, to hugging. Cheers to #Positivityaward winners, to Park Police, to White House Police, to DC police. Cheers, to the a sexy bowler, a hoistie, an optional fuck yeah on hand contact, to booms, pops, pows, has, hos, whos, oles. To a little bit louder now, to the Beatles. Cheers. Cheers to the next year.

Last night was a tribute to the work, the dedication, the smiles, the hugs, the bounce. The stories that come out at social events are insane and the reason why Steve and I keep driving this force to bigger and better things.

It’s amazing to hear the different reasons as to why you get your ass out of bed and #JustShowUp. Whether it’s taking ownership of the streets of DC, meeting that new face each day, being a part of a community, dropping fbombs out of your suit and tie, there’s something special about what we’re doing here. We’re getting in shape, we’re going to make friends, and we’re going to drop $0 to do that. We think thats a pretty rad, yes rad, concept.

We pack a lot of life in 45 minutes at 6:30 am. Many can go weeks, months, without saying hello to a complete stranger, and maybe years or a lifetime without hugging one. And to that note, we are proud of all of you for sticking with us, for believing in each other.

Now that we have toasted to the year behind us, let’s move forward. Onward. In this next week alone, we’re dropping Halloween costumes on Wednesday & a dress like Ninja on Friday 10/31/2014 (swords allowed).



The following week is our final, large, crazy push towards 500 in DC. Daylight will be on our side, the GU rowing team has dropped #verbals, the time is now to hit 500. Ask your home state senator, FLOTUS, the world. We’re building this District, let them know.

Keep your pants cuffed proudly, your running shoes nearby, and be smile ready; we’re doing big shit in #NP2YR.

Love is mother-fucking-always,

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