5 days to Yearbook Photos for YEG

Did people actually run hills? Didn’t see anyone doing them to be honest. It’s probably because we tagged the most gear we have ever tagged this morning. Thanks to the tagging crew, Janna, Angela, Greg, Thomas who helped create fresh grassroots gear this morning.

If you bring the most new recruits to a single workout before November 15th will be the very first to receive the new November Project buff. #raceeverything. The current number to beat is 7 held by Angela.

Next week Wednesday, we will be taking some badass photos of you for yearbook photos. Don’t worry, you will still be running stairs. In the meantime, show us your best throwback yearbook photo so for research purposes. We are also planning on having 200 people there this Wednesday. 200! That’s right. That’s 7 more than 193 people. You should know that we can only get to that number with YOU and YOUR FRIEND that you are going to bring.

Monday, we finish off Traffic Circle Month right here.



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