The OLD Man and The SUGARman’s #CelebrityShot: We’re Calling it Trust Fall

 Ok, so shit went down this morning. And it went down hard. With two people at the wheel who might have surprised you. Or not. Maybe we were on your short list or maybe we weren’t even on your radar at all. The two of us, though, were surprised AF when EmC2 recruited us for the job. We actually thought we were getting punk’d. Turns out it was legit. The NP Leadership believed in us. The supported us. They encouraged us. They trusted us. And there it was. The one word that might possibly be at the innermost core of November Project. The single idea that the whole thing has been perched on all this time. Trust. The whole fucking thing is about us trusting them and them trusting us.

November Project is one big, dope-ass trust fall.

That’s when it all made sense. That’s when it hit us… Getting our #celebrityshot was just bonafide proof that most of what goes on under the hood of November Project is powered by trust. And if you look real close, it’s the essence of what makes NP NP. Like it’s the reason why people are being given their shot to co-lead. It’s the backbone of every decision to #justshowup. It’s the cornerstone of every insane workout routine or deck location or every call and response. And it’s the driving reason why November Project still exists six years later. It’s all rooted in trust.

I mean, think about it… at its core, November Project is the poster child for building community. But to do that you need to pour a deep foundation of trust in the people around you. Otherwise everything crumbles. Like how BG and Bojan needed to rely on each other to be there day after day those first six months. Or that, as the tribes spread, people everywhere trusted that there would always be someone to lead every workout, in every city, in every state, in every country. Or how we trust that the hills and stairs and decks will always kick our asses and be packed with all the fuckyeahedness that we’ve all come to expect. Or how we all need to trust that our #accountabilibuddy will always do their job and ensure that we keep our eyeballs on the prize.

Because that’s what true trust is. That’s what NP is. It’s believing in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of the person, or people, standing around to you.

So that’s why we named today’s blog post #CelebrityShot Trust Fall. Because that’s what getting this chance was for us. It was EmSauce and the boy cones encouraging us to close our eyes, wrap our hands around ourselves, and fall backwards into the loving and trusting arms of our tribe, knowing that you’d catch us. And you did, just like they knew you would. Just like they know that on any given day, we’d all be there to catch each other in this community. Every single time.

But who are we that we were trusted to mobilize this herd and host a killer workout and leave you drooling for more?

Well, for those of you who don’t know us, we’re Adam Sogoloff, aka The Old Man or The Old Fart or The Guy Who Only Ever Wears KT Tape And Shorts, whichever one slides off your tongue better. And Lisa Sugarman, aka Sugarmama or Shugz if you’re EmSauce, or SugarBear if you’re C.Payne, or just straight-up Lisaaaaaa with an I love you tacked on the end if you’re n_dukes.

Adam’s as OG as you can get at November Project without being actual OG (four years and counting). And I’m, well, not even close to OG. But as anyone who’s been around NP for even a little while can tell you, time is relative in this little free fitness bubble we play in. And NP is most definitely what we make of it. So even though I’ve only been part of the madness magic for a year and a half, to me, it feels like there was never a time when I wasn’t. And, it just so happens that Adam is the guy who encouraged me to drink the NP-flavored Kool-Aid in the first place. So here we are.

**SIDEBAR: Why is Shugz doing all the talking? The simple answer is that Adam tagged me with writing our blog post. But it’s a total collab, I swear. Even though I’m the one typing, he’s down with all of it. And he gave me total authority to speak for him because we both feel the same way about NP. Plus, he just really wanted to be the eye candy this time around. So he’s just playing the strong silent type here for show. He’s way deeper than he looks through all that KT Tape.

Back to what went down this morning and why this whole movement has always ever been just one giant trust fall…

So we came, we led, and we lived the dream. And lemme tell you, getting the chance to lead that bounce and hype this tribe and feel that vibe from the front row is a feeling you just can’t describe. That shit was pure goodness. Like the reeeeally fuckin good kind of goodness. And we’re crossing our fingers that this morning’s deck filled you up too, like free, high-quality, farm-to-table, organic fast food with special sauce that’s no frills and great for you and makes you realize that less is definitely more.

What’s the takeaway then? Cause you always need a doggie bag of extras to help nourish you on the fly, even after the meal is over. And this is ours:

We have to put a lot of trust in people as we walk this walk through life. There are people we need to learn to trust and some people who need to learn to trust us. But most importantly, we need to learn to trust ourselves, because there’s no forward motion unless we believe in our own power and capacity as individuals to accomplish anything we set our minds to.

This whole experience was a dream for us. It was every bit as powerful and terrifying and spine-tingling as you’d expect it to be. But it wouldn’t have been possible without your trust in us and our trust in ourselves that we wouldn’t fuck the whole thing up. To EmSauce and the Chrises, thank you for trusting us with your tribe and giving us the chance of a lifetime. To everyone else, and we mean everyone, thank you for catching us and not letting us crack our heads open on the tarmac. Cause that would’ve sucked. Fuck, we love this tribe.


#PRday on Wednesday!  There might be #grassrootsgear tagging–but maybe not, check social media on Tuesday to be sure.

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