The (Non Polar) VORTEX

This morning started like any other morning; with 102 people running circles around Clayton as Kanye West’s “I am a God” blasts from Laura’s backpack. Clayton was drunk with power, which apparently reeks of Bourbon… hmm, maybe Clayton was just drunk? Today was the first inaugural #VORTEX workout. What’s the #VORTEX workout you ask? Walk with me, I’ll tell ya’.
(Photo courtesy of Amy Leedham’s Garmin)
The #VORTEX workout is one part fitness, one part ‘never have I ever,’ and two parts musical chairs. Tribe-members run a tiny (.05mi) circle around a patch of grass in the center of Alamo Square while Clayton yells out categories. If this is a category you belong to, you report to the middle of the circle for 20 reps of a particular exercise. Consequently, we learned a lot about our tribe members today. A STARTLING amount of you believe in magic, all the girls that we’ve been hitting on are apparently already married, and there’s a handful of guys that hate sit-ups more than they want to have sex with Kate Upton. Toss in over 30 newbies, 3 visiting tribe-members, and a speedy Irishman who’s afraid of revolving doors, and you’ve got a hell of a #VORTEX going.
Thanks all for coming out! We’ll see you THIS FRIDAY for hills.
6:24AM – Mission Dolores Park, Corner of CHURCH and 18th. #EARNYOURWEEKEND
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