Tabata day! Tabata day! Tabata day! Tabata day!
Four stations! Four Stations! Four Stations! Four Stations!
20 on 10 off! 20 on 10 off! 20 on 10 off! 20 on 10 off!
Run fast! Run fast! Run fast! Run Fast!
Brush teeth! Brush teeth! Brush tee… oh wait, the workout’s over… and thanks to today, 28 exhausted San Diegans will be tabata-ing through their day. So if you see some psycho at the grocery store shopping in 20 second intervals with 10 second rest breaks, who sprints madly in alternating directions every 4 minutes, just make a mental note that next week…that could be you! Don’t be jealous, be inspired!

Wanna talk about being INSPIRED…Mufasa style, Lauren kicked everyones ass this morning. (And it wasn’t just the Lion King spandex, but let’s be serious, we all want some). If that doesn’t get you, how about the first ever 10 city workout this morning?! How about the impending November Project world takeover? How about FREE fitness AND as many hugs as your body has room for!? Forever! For LIFE! I know I’m jacked up… [pause]… okay I’m back… that was 4 minutes of typing…had to run around my house. ANYWAY – who’s excited?! Get excited! Tell EVERYBODY! Can’t wait to see all your beautiful mugs next Wednesday (yes, that was a plug for our official MUG SHOTS next week, don’t forget!).

As always – Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!
Ya’ll Good San Diego??
Fuck Yeah!

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