The morning…

I’ve had a different relationship with MWF mornings since September 2020 (maybe you recall what I was asked to do early that month???). Not completely different but I put more weight into MWF mornings now.

Let’s back up for a minute.

Since June 2014, I set my alarm most MWFs and I got up. For the most part, I was excited to have an epic morning with all of you. Even when I drag my feet to begin, I ALWAYS walked (or ran!) away from an NP workout better than when I arrived. It’s a little bit because I chose to show up but it’s a lot because you were there.

And, when I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t come. Sometimes I just slept in. There, I said it.

Back to present time.

I feel differently about MWF mornings now. They are weighty for me. Like, they are WAY more important mornings than others in the week- and yeah, even with the global pandemic.

As the sun rose this morning, I started thinking about Andrew, Jen, Nadim, and then Rob. I wondered if they had this weightiness to MWF mornings. I wondered if they felt more ownership or responsibility for those mornings. I wondered if they had little mantras or set small intentions for themselves as they prepared to show us for all of us.

Of course I’m going to have to ask them now….

I’m starting to slowly develop this for myself as I show up for you and for myself. I’m sure this setting the intention or whatever it is that I’m noticing in myself will adjust again as we start to plan for a return to being together (no, I’m not making that announcement). For the moment though, I’m enjoying waking up with you in my mind and a brighter sky to look forward to.



(yes, that group photo is circa 2014)


  • May 2. 9:30am MST. Let’s celebrate the end of an awesome #enduro challenge. Bring yourself and your team members! Here’s where to join us.
  • Sign up for May’s NP challenge. You’ll see what we’ll all be doing- next week! We’ll announce teams on Sunday afternoon so jump on in before then.

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