Wearing Masks During Outdoor Workouts

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently come out with a new set of guidelines about wearing masks. We here at NP HQ would like to provide some clarification on how those guidelines are affecting in-person workouts in the United States.

New CDC guidance says fully vaccinated individuals can engage in the following activities without wearing masks:

  • Walking, running, hiking, or biking outdoors alone or with members of their household
  • Attending small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated family and friends
  • Attending small outdoor gatherings with a mixture of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people
  • Dining at outdoor restaurants with friends from multiple households.

Fully vaccinated people can also attend “a crowded, outdoor event, like a live performance, parade, or sports event,” as long as they remain masked. For more information please visit the CDC website.

It’s important to note that November Project Co-leaders are tasked with a lot of responsibilities and checking who is vaccinated and who is not is something they will not be involved in. CDC is also fairly vague in defining what constitutes “small, medium, or large gathering”. Finally, as an organization, we take this pandemic very seriously and always tend to err on the side of caution to provide comfort and safety for our Co-leaders and members. With that in mind, November Project will approach NP workouts as a “crowded outdoor event” and per CDC guidelines, encourage all members, vaccinated or not, to wear masks at the workouts when social distancing is not possible. Rather than providing a specific scenario for every location, we’re working with the Co-leaders to evaluate each city’s situation and take into consideration all the factors in play (location size and layout, group size, etc) with the ultimate goal of creating a community gathering that fosters November Project core values while reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

One thing that we learned in the last year is that nothing is set in stone. As the guidelines and regulations continue to change so will our approach. But one thing that we ARE 100% sure of is our gratitude and appreciation for your support and understanding as we navigate through all of this together. We’re glad you’re here!

Choosing Safe Activities Chart by CDC

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One Reply to “Wearing Masks During Outdoor Workouts”

  1. Wearing a mask outdoors still required for fully vaccinated people does not make sense at all. I understand NP can’t check who’s vaccinated and who’s not. But we always use honor system here and we should trust people’s honesty. Maryland just announced starting May 1st, outdoor mask wearing is not mandatory for everyone. One incentive for getting more people (especially those hesitant on vaccine) vaccinated is to give more freedom to fully vaccinated people, which is supported by science.

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