The moments before the bounce (Ottawa)

Every morning when we show up at a different location, I always find the couple of moments before we gather and bounce very surreal. I take a couple of deep breaths, think about what we are about to do, and the feeling of anticipation never seems to fade. There is something so special about the silhouettes coming from multiple directions, the darkness of the morning is so real (as in, it’s really really dark at that hour in the winter), but you can still see people hugging, connecting, introducing themselves, and new people being welcomed. That is what you all do to create community. It’s the simple routines, norms and culture that has developed and evolved over time that you see come into action every Wednesday morning.

A group of Ottawa NP people road tripped to Syracuse for the second annual SnowGlobe. This took place not only by some awesome leaders in multiple cities around the world, but also because of the initiative of members of this Ottawa community putting the plans in place to make it happen; to re-connect with friends they have made in years past, who they stay in touch with from around the globe, to create new memories, gather some new swag and make some new friends. This experience allows you to see the bigger picture of what this worldwide free fitness movement is about. That no matter what time zone, you have something that brings you together. Chat with someone who make this trek, it may be something to add to your bucket list.

So though I don’t always take in enough moments of gratitude before the bounce, I appreciate this part of the week that includes all of you. I am grateful that you share your morning with us, that you invite a new person to coffee, that you wait up for someone behind you so they aren’t moving alone, that you step outside your comfort zone to initiate conversation, that you push yourself in the workout, that you have a willingness to get up out of bed, no matter what the weather, because winter is so much better that way. I’m grateful for all of you.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Next week: We are at PATTERSON CREEK
  2. Stay tuned for skating equipment needs in the next month…. a skating workout is on the horizon. More details to come for Wednesday morning skating workout AND the Canal Skate Race !!
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