The Moment When..

… you see a cop car driving towards your car that is illegally parked.  Fortunately, they were just making sure no foxes, coyotes or raccoons attacked us. Real Talk. Animal attacks scare me. This is my nightmare.

We’re still enjoying this tropical weather, (or what the rest of you call winter). Not that I’m complaining, but it’s really messing up my routine. I lay out my clothes the night before, then check the weather in the morning, and decide what layers to wear. Lately, I get really confused, and focus more on putting everything on properly because I forgot how to dress for this. Life was easier when someone else dressed me. 

Oh, I’m supposed to write about what happened at the hill today? Everyone hugged. Everyone went up. Everyone came down. People did burpees. Someone left with a stick. Everyone took a picture.

The next bridge that we will tackle is the Hawrelak Park foot bridge. Plan your route accordingly for Monday. See you there at 5:59am.

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