Road or Cross Country – we all run for 45 minutes

Title says it all. We had two workout options that folks could chose from. One group was doing full hills while the other one opted into running some steps on the Summit Path plus getting down and dirty on the cross-country patch. We all ran for 45 minutes, took the group photo, and went to our respective showers ready to start our weekends.

Positivity Award went to Danny Metcalf – the faster and better looking, of two leaders of November Project DC. Steve we love you but the ladies have spoken.


One thing you should know is that we don’t hype many birthdays (unless they’re our own and….no just our own) but one birthday is worth hyping. Few decades ago former NP_BOS racer, now leader of November Project Denver, Dan Beteletti, a.k.a. Turboletti, a.k.a. Flannel Dan, a.k.a. Falnniel, decided to arrive to this world running 5 minute miles wearing flannel diapers. Happy Birthday buddy!

Special thanks to our boy Chris Marshall who came this morning to direct traffic, enforce the Marshall Law, and then go to the hospital to surgically repair his broken wrist. Heal fast and we hope to see you back in action soon!

On Monday we’re meeting on the steps of MIT Rotch library. Read the following paragraph carefully as it’s very important: THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE OUT #DESTINATIONDECK LOCATION SO BE THERE ON TIME BECAUSE AT 6:30AM WE WILL START OUR RUN TO THE REAL, TOP-SECRET LOCATION. If you’re not there by 6:30AM, you’ll be doing Monday workout by yourself. You’ve been warned.


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