Dance Off, Pants Off in SF

As we all collected in Dolores Park this morning, an interesting observation was made. We were not alone. Just about every other boot camp in the city was setting up their selected station of the park for their morning workout. Seeing as though Clayton and Laura never quite know what is going on, or what the rules of the park are, we decided to instead just wake up all the sleeping neighbors and bust out some vicious hill repeats. Clayton sported his new Go Pro with no SD card in it so we got…nothing. No footage at all. See? We never know what’s going on. After the workout we gathered at the top of the park for a dance off pants off party where everyone got naked then ran through the park where all the boot camps were finishing their workout, ending with a nice brunch in the Mission. Only part of that is true, we didn’t actually go to brunch.


Here in San Francisco, we would like to extend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Flannel Friend in Colorado, leader of the Denver tribe, Mr. Dan Berteletti! You make flannel look good, my friend. Like, really good. Hope to see you again soon and keep rockin’ the rockies!


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