The Messenger (MSP)

Zero degrees, five weeks since the Groundhog, a powerful core of athletes, and a brand new workout.

The tribe trickled in between the Mill and the Theatre, naturally bouncing to stay warm. Members were sporting mustaches, Michael Finley jerseys, and Ninja Turtle shells to celebrate tribe-leader Ben’s 23rd Birthday. Ben was emotionally touched.


A ‘Positivity Award Relay’ started things off, with the objective of passing the Award around our opening circle as quickly as possible. We did it in 24 seconds… in fucking mittens! Wait to see how fast we get this Spring. From there we took off on our warmup loop, finishing at Gold Medal Park.

Today’s new workout, coined ‘The Messenger’, pushed members to full throttle. 30 minutes, and 30 sprints over the top of the Cinnabon hill, and back down the other side. The workout was not designed to be run in ankle deep snow, but this tribe is weatherproof.

IMG_20150304_065349272 (1)

Positivity was passed on to Heidi Ylvisaker, who shone especially bright among a vibrant tribe.

Warmth is on the horizon. Fair weather tribesmen will be encouraged to rejoin. Show up next Wednesday, 6:27am, Mill City Museum.

Peace, Love, Unity

Ben Bauch

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