The Last Wednesday of 2018 (Boston 12.26.18)

Welp. We did it. There are 52 weeks in a year and today was the 52nd Wednesday of 2018.

I don’t know exactly how many of those Wednesdays I attended or how many you attended, but now is a good opportunity to reflect on today — and reflect back on 2018 — to see what we learned about, or gained from, or what was reinforced about November Project Boston.

Here’s what my big takeaways are from today, and that also represent NP over the year.

1. We’re definitely #whateverproof. Cold, bad weather, dark, early, holidays, all the other excuses…we stand up to those things. The coleaders of NP_BOS like the phrase, “no matter what.” It doesn’t matter what the shit is that can get in the way–the tribe will still show up, find fun, strength, and motivation in being together, and do the damn workout.

This morning was no exception. Capozzi and I run stairs on Wednesdays during the 5:30 group. Today at 5:30 there was a solid, hard core crew of 12 human beings at the bounce. It was biting cold and not even that good “exciting cold” with snow or ice. Just dark and fucking cold. And that crew still showed up on the day after Christmas when pretty much everyone in the world is either trying to simply gather themselves just to get to work on time today, or they’re taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep in on a Wednesday because they never do. And I hope everyone got exactly what they needed this morning. Because I did. Standing shoulder to shoulder at section 37 with that amazing gathering of humans at 5:30 this morning fired me the fuck up. And lighting sparklers in the pitch dark with that same crew at 6:22am when the workout was over was something beyond special. It’s going down in my very small list of most favorite moments at NP. The shit that happens when you show up…you just never know and it’s definitely worth it. #nomatterwhat

2. This community is more than a workout. Whether it’s showing up for a workout or to a weird relay-run/social on a Friday night, or connecting with people outside of workouts, there’s so much more to NP than just fitness–even though the fitness is a crucial element in the whole mix of things. I don’t think we could get up just to stand around or even to get coffee or breakfast and have the cool shit happen that does when we run up and down the stairs in the stadium so damn early in the morning. Something important happens when we witness other people push themselves to the very top of section one. It changes us when we find that butt-carrot in front of us and chase them down–or realize that we are the butt-carrot and hold on as long as we can to make it as difficult as we can for that person chasing us to catch up. It changes us because we wouldn’t have done that alone. We find new gears, we dig in differently, we discover parts of ourselves that we just didn’t know we had, because we are doing it together.

This is the very best explanation of community, in my opinion. All the things we do, from challenging workouts, to jobs, family stuff, health issues, and all the life struggles that exist–all those things feel easier, and therefore really ARE more manageable, when we have this community around us. There are no promises that any of it will be easy, but we will not be alone as we go through it.

I know there are more things to summarize NP in 2018, but I’ll let you decide what yours are…and keep showing up because we have two more workouts of the year to enjoy.

Friday 12/28: Summit Ave hills at 6:30am

Monday 12/31: #DestinationDeck workout at 6:30am — location in Fenway, the basketball court on Peterborough St. (across from El Pelon)

And until we meet again in the stadium…in 2019… Keep changing the world!

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