Let’s Puke For The Holidays

The holidays are a time for fun, relaxing, and socializing, right? Not when Greg Kuchan gets the opportunity to take the NP reigns with Angie (aka Mama) Patten and yours truly. Ang and I were fully ready to embrace the holiday vibes. An NPSD sandwiched between Hanukkah and Christmas with a diverse group ready to embrace whatever weird shit we put out there? We had themed workout moves, holiday flair, and a Jingle Bell Rock burnout all lined up! Then, Greg put his two cents in.

“If I get the opportunity to lead an NP, I want people to puke,” Kuchan demanded. “It’s too easy to slack, but given the opportunity to race, seeing where you are in the mix, pushing yourself against others and what I know is possible, the tribe will respond,” he continued, passion in his voice.

I was swayed. He had a point. How could we not be motivated by his drive? We knew he was right. We also knew we could blame it all on him should shit hit the fan.
“Okay okay, but we can have the burnout, right?” I pleaded.

“If they do it right, there shouldn’t be anything left to give for a burnout.” Touche’.

Greg reminded me what had drawn me to November Project in the past and what I know I want to continue in the future: stepping up to the struggle. Pushing ourselves to our limits. Leaning into the suck. And best of all, doing it with friends and future friends. Because that’s how we grow, that’s how we become our best selves. Stepping out of our comfort zone and seeing what we’re capable of. And I for one, couldn’t/wouldn’t want to do it with any other cult.

The pictures and social media are dope. The friendships are soul filling. The hugs bring joy to my heart. The sunrises fill my solar powered tank. And when I do it right, sweat drips down my temples and remind me I’ve done work. Join me, will you?

*Special thanks goes to Nick Isabella for offering his ridiculous photography skills for impromptu Midterm pics, Angie Patten being the role model to the masses of extreme fitness (Ironman 2018!) and an incredible human being, Greg for requesting/demanding we have zero fun, Shira and Euge for planning this shit twice every week, posting to social, responding to social, writing blogs, taking pictures, tagging pictures, planning events outside of NP, and speaking in front of ya’ll every week (you are all very pretty, but seeing that sea of faces is pretty terrifying), and of course you, the tribe, for just showing up, with energy, laughter, love, and the will to throw the fuck down.

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