2018: The Recap (IND)

The man can’t make a bounce short, but he sure can concisely recap the year. Bulleted and galleried below is what 2018 brought to NP Indy and what NP Indy brought to the city:

  • Numbers!: Numbers this year were greater than we’ve ever seen and more sustained than ever before. It was nice seeing such strong interest and commitment to Fridays this year too. Pat on the back to all.
  • Newbies: Related to numbers, Shaw and I have never before had to come up with so many ridiculous and oftentimes uncomfortable or purposely cheesy newbie questions to kick off workouts; Awesome work new faces!
  • Bounces & Workouts: 2018 saw the return of some annual classics (The Gobble is a personal favorite bounce, the lumberjacker is a notable recurring workout, and Wrestlemania was insanely fun) and the introduction of so many ridiculous fresh drops. As a point of pride, we here in the Indy tribe throw out a fresh bounce nearly every workout and oftentimes offer up a never-before-seen workout each and every workout that isn’t called race day.
  • Plog City: We teamed up with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (and Indianapolis Cultural Trail for one) for 4 plogs this summer. That’s where you pick up litter while you jog…and you end up at a brewery for a good time with friends. Along with some being able to give back to the community we love so much and give us some civic pride, the events got us some decent publicity, i.e. our lovely Indy Star article and ridiculous video.
  • Community Presence: Our “official” plogging events weren’t the only way the November Project Indy tribe flexed our “civic pride” muscles. With tribe members connecting their passions and networks, November Project faces and tags could be seen volunteering at countless organizations as events around the city. From Special Olympics to the Indianapolis Symphony, the Wheeler Mission to the White River Clean-up, the NP Indy tribe donated time, money, expertise, manpower, all year round. You all are proof that November Project spans way more than just fitness but is a true community development organization. One thing that each and every person should be proud of. But, not to be forgotten, we are not sure there was a race within a 50 mile radius of Indianapolis that didn’t have a least one NP tag or buff in the race photos. #worldtakeover.
  • Spots: We continued the history tour started in ’17 for a few workouts before tapering off and simply embracing new spots around the city without putting people to sleep pre-workout: Bicentennial Plaza, Lugar Plaza, Cummins Plaza, Tarkington Park-za, IUPUI, new WRSP spots, and plenty more. We’ll continue to highlight new and interesting spots around the city in 2019.
  • Helping Hands: We’re very lucky to have the support of so many in this tribe. Worth personally recognizing though are those who consistently lend their sleep hours and fun hours to help us organize events, take pics, tag tops, and nudge us with reminders about bdays, race deals, socials, etc. Thanks for all you helpers do, and we appreciate your understanding re heightened NP brand standards; Thank you especially to Sarah, Tom, Jaden, Amanda, guest leader yogis and Chelsea and Andy, and Jessie + Ed. The pics are stellar, the tags fresh, the trivia quirky, the home homey, the leads goofy, and the altruistic love for helping others, well that’s purely praiseworthy.
  • Positivity Award: 2018 saw some much deserved recognition of some of the most standout tribe members. We don’t hand this thing out nearly as much as other tribes, and we do that on purpose. To us, it’s a very special award meant to symbolize very special recognition of positive (of course) and inspirational individuals. Congrats again to our 2018 recipients! Looking forward to dishing out some more much deserved love this coming year. Oh and we added the bonus that each recipient gets to decide the next workout theme.
  • Race Day 2.0: 2018 brought some adversity. With our go-to Wednesday spot under repair and our beloved (and be-hated) stairs blocked off, we were forced to amend race day. But as fortune and good planning would have it, this race day 2.0 is incredibly comparable in terms of how much it sucks. Sure the legs aren’t stairs climbing, but the lungs sure are a-puffin’!
  • Guest Blogs: Our introductions to the heartbreaking and heart-filling stories of folks like Teresa Hazel and Tim Howard helped showcase just how much more than a workout NP has become. This Tribe inspires us to keep trying and trying to inspire you back. We’re big fans of the lot of ya and appreciate the courageousness exhibited by those who dare to share with and positively embolden others!
  • Themes/Costumes: We all know this bullet point is essentially reserved for Andy Rusiniak. The man KILLS the costume scene on themed workout days. Keep that fun factor shimmering!
  • No Coast: We hosted the annual No Coast Summit for midwestern tribes this year. How cool was that??!! Thanks for helping highlight Indy for our guests, Tribe. Out of towners are still talking us up!
  • World’s Largest: We don’t quite have the numbers of, say, Boston, but they don’t quite have the workout venue of, say, the INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY. Using the valuable connections of folks like Antwione Haywood and Blake Roebuck, we were able to get into and host a workout at the world’s largest sports venue. Pretty. Darn. Cool. And pairing that with No Coast weekend; I mean, come on. Thanks for the ongoing support and #justshowup attitude, midwest neighbors, especially you Chi-town!
  • Love: This year may be the first on record where NP Indy has played match-maker. We’ve long eyed the crowd looking for sparks and signs, and this year we found ’em! I’m just gonna leave it at that and let you look around and see what you see for yourself; That’ll help distract you from the pain of the workout if nothing else (that, and I don’t want to author a jinx into this blog).
  • Dogs: More dogs this year. Dakota doesn’t like the bounce.
  • Homecoming: This was another super fun time. The week-long fun and fitness fest was a fun and festive fway to welcome fall.
  • Tags: New ones, old ones, clean ones, dirty ones, homecoming ones, cold weather ones, No Coast ones. Brad and Stew make ’em, Tom and I strip ’em. We call the latter “stripping parties”. All are welcome.
  • Tools: Jaden’s camera works much better than our camera. Nevertheless, we’re stoked that Rachel was so kind as to donate her camera to our cause. Between the choice in cameras and a working speaker courtesy of the Tribe last winter, we’ve got the tools of the trade on lock!
  • Departures: New rule for 2019. No one–that is, not a single person (for you smartasses, not a married person either)–is allowed to move. We miss our dear friends who moved on to other pastures, the greenness of them being up for debate.
  • Andrew Peterson: From the personal marathon feat to the ESPN coverage to the mayoral proclamation to the World Games announcement, this man really made our year. Like his aunt said to me, he’s the most famous person I know. I agree. And I’ll add to that, he’s the most humble and deserving famous person I know. We love you Andrew, love what you represent, and love that you and Craig are happy to include us in your story!! This goes for Andrew and all NP Indy Tribesfolks: Keep working hard into and throughout the new year.

–Love you, Tribe.

From Co-Leaders Casey Seaton and Jason Shaw

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