The Introduction of the (Half) Sebastian

Oh, you know…just another day in the Polar Vortex. Rumor has it that we might get above freezing this weekend. Good thing we got warmer than San Diego on a cold day. That’s right San Diego, be jealous.

In a brisk 8 degrees F (-13C for our Canadian neighbors), we raced it out this morning and just when you thought we were done, we hit up a half Sebastian. If you don’t know what it is, it’s pretty simple. Named after a badass Boston tribe member and lover of burpees, a full Sebastian is 7 minutes of burpees non-stop. So a half Sebastian is only 3.5 minutes. Our tribe killed it out there this morning and we’re very proud to call you all #Weatherproof…especially the newbies showing up in fierce conditions.

TOMORROW: Social Hour with the Tribe at Blue Jacket (Navy Yard) @ 8PM

NEXT WEEK: PR Week. Come prepared to race it out on the steps of ABE. 5:30 and 6:30AM


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