Everyone is Talking About the Cold…

…but no one is talking about the super exciting fact that our mornings are getting lighter here in Boston. (In the meantime the sun in Edmonton still doesn’t come up until 8:30am… man, those people are insane!)

Guys you don’t understand how jazzed I am about the days getting longer. Every winter, about two weeks after we move our clocks back an hour to “save” some daylight, I get sad. I know that shorter days mean less time spent outdoors. However I love the snow, and I don’t mind the cold, so the silver lining of short winter days is the fact that if we’re lucky enough to get decent amount of snowfall, I get to tool around in white powder and that’s enough to carry me through December and January. And January is almost over! Our pre-workout bouncing huddles are getting brighter. Making that eye contact is actually meaningful as you can tell who you’re looking at! We may even see the return of the workout photos now that I can take decent pics without using flash. Most importantly longer days mean that we get to do so many more activities. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m really excited about life right now!

This morning we decided to top of our weirdest week in the long time (doing burpees and wall jumps outside of the building where smart people make robots and cancel stadium to run hills on Wednesday – weird, right?), we decided to throw another curve ball at ya and instead of our usual Summit ave hill run where we battle parked cars, dog walkers and unsuspecting Brookline neighbors, do some sprints up the snowy cross-country hill. If you thought that the workout was easy, next time try to beat our shirtless-ish guy Deniz who won most of those sprints. Saying that the workout is easy but not crossing the finish line first means you’re not working hard enough. #RaceEverything!

On Monday we’re at Porter Square MBTA stop. Run there! Don’t take the T, don’t drive, don’t bike, RUN! #WeekendEarned.

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