#Instagang inspires NPSF Restructure

The #Instagang undoubtedly broke the internet this morning, increasing likes, posts and traffic through Instagram by 374% between the hours of 5:42 and 7:59AM, which temporarily crashed the internet for several hours. Interestingly, the top trending hashtags of the day are currently #Instagang, GGB, #myplaceishappierthanyourplace and #DoosterIsStillPledging. This resulted in Instagram and many other social media superpowers reaching out to us with some recommendations to control our Tribe. In the light of the Bay Area’s hot news topic, Google’s recent restructuring into Alphabet, NPSF have took inspiration and made some changes of its own, resulting in a has been a plethora of changes in the leadership of NPSF and the November Project community:

  • After yesterday’s NP-North Face-Dooster video drop (here), Clayton has been barraged by hundreds of media drop opportunities. Now that tall fella is moving into a new career of audiobook narration and voiceovers in insurance adverts . His first project is narrating the novel, Ulysses, in Afrikaans, Scots Gaelic, Na’vi and Klingon.
  • After succumbing to a severe dose of FOMO, Laura has decided to pack it up with the Greenie-man and they have purchased a single room thatched cottage on the remote Ballintubrit island off the west coast of Ireland. Laura’s plan is to spend her days building a racing team of Irish mountain goats that may once return to Alta Plaza Park and take the Irish-held #PRWednesday course record. So he can maintain his rate of Kudos-giving on Strava, Connor has actually relocated himself to Google’s Fiber division so he can get internet cables laid down to said island. Kudos for initiative, Green!
  • Paddy’s mother, Mags, sent a message by word of his second cousin, Aoife, who showed up to this morning’s hill workout. The message goes: “Patrick Colm Brendan O’Leary. Two years ago, I sent you down to Murphy’s Groceries to get the milk and ham for the silage men, and I haven’t seen heads nor tail of you since. Get yourself back here this instance. There’s cows to be milked, and the roof of the shed needs a lick of paint before it starts showering again.” Paddy has since booked a ticket on the next boat back to Ireland.
  • The new NPSF leader is the man who many historians believe to be the actual original founder of the November Project, Gil Levy. The story goes that Gil set up NP after a debate with Kenny Wong over who could race big wheels down Divisadero Street faster. From that debate, the Potrero Hill Big Wheel Race and the November Project were born (they needed to run back up the hill to the start again).
  • Stacey Cha has been elected as co-chief BAMF of the November Project, with previous awardee, Ali Fauci. Stacey crushed through every workout in this week’s November Project/Mountain Athletics combo #5daysoffitness. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Bad-ass as fuck!
  • Tantek is still clamping down on anyone that suggested that we do Friday flats. Like Mark Noviski’s #rungang, this will never change.

In other news:


Core NPSFer, Alaina Murphy, crushed her last hills workout before she moves home to Green Bay on Monday. Please pull a Pete Kruse and move back to us within the year, Alaina. To send you off, we gave you the sweatiest group hug NPSF has ever seen. It was glorious. Also, NPLAX! Get ready for a speedy racer moving to your tribe when Elliot Krigel returns to grad school next week.


Shout to NPNYC core member, Jeannie, who was off kicking the fuck out of cancer this week while her Tribe (and tribes around the country were toeing the line and pushing themselves to the linit like Jeannie does with NYC week in week out (https://november-project.com/fxck-cancer/). Can’t wait to see photos of you back dancing, bouncing and racing at a NP_NYC workout soon, Jeannie. This Tribe’s dancing was for you this morning!

Epic work this morning on the trails this morning, Tribe. Keep exploring this amazing city with us!


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