Dear You,

Yes you.  You, who are reading this.  You, who comes to NP and calls this weird group some kind of family to you.  You, who know all the stuff going on in your own lives.  Stuff like cancer–which has shown it’s shitty face for more than one of our #21HumpBeat tribe members–and other illnesses of all kinds.  You, who push through struggles and hardship.  You, who are challenging yourself to be faster, run farther, or overcome new feats of physical badassery.


We love you.

We think you’re awesome and we’re glad you’re here.

Pause for a hot second and really take that in.  Even if you hear it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, we really mean it.  We’re glad you’re here.  And when you’re not actually here because you’re getting treatment, recovering from that shitty shit, or out there racing your ass off, we’re with you.  This Tribe is your family and simply put, we’ve got your back.  The kindness and love of the entirety of #21HumpBeat belongs to YOU, when you want it, when you need it…and even when you don’t realize you need it.  You know that when you can show up, you feel all that kindness and love right in your face.  But life isn’t easy sometimes.  Sometimes life presents big excuses (that still stink like our smelly armpits) that keep us from showing up.  And it’s in those times that this letter to you may come in handy.  We are all fighting your battle with you, running up that crazy ass hill with you, trudging through the shitty shit.  You are not in this alone. Because. We. Love. YOU.

We will win this world over with kindness.  With love.  And you’re right in the middle of it.

THIS shit is good.


November Project


More things

  • We did a workout today, #HillsForBreakfast and #WeekendEarned! Front hill repeats with Spicy Playground Spice added.  For those who weren’t there, Spicy Playground Spice involves trash barrel hurdling, side shuffling, cardboard box tunnel crawling, pushups, LIMBO!?!, and jumping over the wall to exit the playground.  Super awesome and as crazy as it sounds.  For anyone who could keep track of their laps amidst all the tunnel crawling and limbo dancing, record your scores in the tracker.

box crawl

  • MONDAY DESTINATION DECK: We will meet at MIT Track.  Monday’s workout will be focused on a running form clinic. We will be sharing a style of running that could help you run faster with less effort, by essentially using gravity to pull you along. A series of instruction followed by partner work will provide insight into new techniques and personalized feedback.

group photo

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