The Good Life (DCA)

Every once in a while, you fall into a rut. A few months or years ago, that rut may have been pretty negative and not so fun for some of you. Nowadays, getting into a rut means becoming too used to the fact that we get to wake up our city with incredible human beings every MWF. Life is THAT good and there’s no better way to start the day than with smiles, hugs, a little bounce, a little work, and a lot of weird. Sometimes we need that little reminder of how FREAKIN COOL this is. Whether it’s a really well written blog post from another city or a simple comment from a coworker about how cheery and smiley you are all the time (which is a perfect segway into recruiting them to join you next workout), a reminder of the uniqueness of it all kicks it back into high gear.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t joined us yet or you’re on the fence about it or this is the very first time you’re hearing about it because someone you know was tagged in a photo…whatever the reason, don’t wait any longer. We say #JustShowUp because there’s NO OTHER WAY to experience what IT is. You might think we’re a little crazy. You might agree that we’re a lot weird. But we’re having the most fun of our lives, building unfathomable connections, family, and community, creating deep friendships through real, intimate, and sometimes sweaty interactions, and getting faster, stronger, healthier, and happier bodies.

Keep growing this thing, this crazy group of hundreds of yahoos of all ages, fitness levels, and walks of life. ONWARD, DC. ONWARD, WORLD.

Oh, yeah. Remember those #HillsForBreakfast? Filling. Tastey. Slightly spicy.


WEDNESDAY: Same location and time as every Wednesday, better every week. Lincoln Memorial, 5:30/6:30AM.

Last chance to win that TomTom GPS watch: How many people did you recruit in June (that also showed up to #Sunrise6k)? Comment on the #Sunrise6k album with their names. The leader has 5 recruits.


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