The Frozen Tundra (YEG)

There’s something special about -30 days. As you may or may not know, I don’t look at the temperature until the morning of the workout. That’s when I figure out how many layers I need to wear. And usually, I mess it up and wear too much. Today was no different. And for those 30 minutes between checking the weather and arriving at the workout, I was worried I was about to be frozen until the end of time. Then, I walked up to the group. And it reminded me of our first ever -30 day in December of 2013. The fun thing about that day was that you could only see peoples’ eyes. Everything else was covered. It was a pretty good test to see how well you knew people. I enjoyed that game. Today was no different. When I got to the group, I just saw the eyes of so many of you and it made me smile. I didn’t have the panic of “oh my goodness, who is that?” Instead, I was just excited to see so many of you, like me, not be sure what layers you needed, and put on basically everything you own.

On a side note, it always amazes me when someone’s first day at NP is on a -30 day. That’s super badass.

By the way, if it feels like you’ve read this blog before, it’s likely because it feels like I have this amazement around -30 days each and every year (except for the one year we didn’t hit -30).


Monday – We’re running The Walter and we’re going to meet on the south west corner of Walterdale Bridge (that’s the same side as the Kinsmen Parking lot).

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