No Better Time Than The Present (BOS)

Commit now.

So whether you showed up at 5am, 6:30am or 6:37am we all saw the remnants of a few panting soliders trudging up the hills as they finished their last of the WOahMAN.

All winter long we’ve been committing to a WOAHMAN on PR Day at the hills (2nd Friday of the month). We know that winter can knock some of us down so we tried to encourage ourselves to knock down winter and set those alarms at an ungodly hour to race what might be the hardest workout this entire movement has ever created….

NOW, no one is saying it’s easy and maybe no one is saying it’s fun during the workout. BUT when you get to the other side – not a single soul is saying it wasn’t worth it. So any doubt we may have had were buried as soon as we heard go out of Saul’s mouth .

When we all converged for the group photo I asked if anyone was planning on coming to Monday and 6, six, of you raised your hands… I’ll throw done a serious chunk of change to challenge that they’ll be more than 6 of you at Monday’s workout, so why wait? Just commit now.

Rather than wait til Sunday before bed and see how the weekends treated you to get hyped on Monday, why not start it directly after the workout on Friday afternoon?! Right?!

We’ve only got 2 more of these WOahMAN’s left for our winter woah series and you ALREADY know the dates so why not just sharpie them in you calendar now. February 14th (yeahhhhh it’s valentine’s) and March 13th. So again, let’s start down (and out) this winter with a BANG.

While we’re on commitment, let’s just commit to Monday for the FIRST EVER workout a Bunker Hill Community College. We’re meeting right HERE. 6:29am. You get one start to your week. Choose wisely.

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