The End of an Era

End of an era.

I’m sitting here reminiscing of the years I’ve spent at the helm of this movement, and can’t help but smile. Today it really hit me. It’s all coming to a close. You know, these last ~3ish years have flown by. I’m a little older, not that much wiser, definitely more beard-ier, and just as in love with this movement. You pick your head up, and there are a lot of new faces, a surprising number of old faces, and just a lot of really good lookin’ faces. This morning was nostalgic as f*&$.

I’ve talked to a lot of you since the announcement last Wednesday. And a lot of people think I’m stepping down ‘cause I’m moving…
Well, I am.
…but that’s not the reason—I’m only moving across the river to Cambridge.

A lot of people think I’m stepping down because I’m getting married.
Well, I am
…but that’s not the reason.

So why? Chris? Why are you shutting it down?

Well, November Project means the world to me. It’s something I’ve loved as a member. It’s something I’ve loved as a leader. The fact that Boston has a place built for humans of all walks of life to come workout, live life a little faster, and feel safe being themselves, all for the cost of zero dollars brings me extreme joy and makes me proud to be a part of it. EmC2 has put a lot of time and energy into this movement, and it’s time to focus this C’s energy on other things. This Chris is ready to be a part of the mob again, and prepare for the next adventures and challenges outside of November Project.

It’s been a hell of a ride. In some ways, it will feel very different not standing up there leading this gang of yahoos, but in some ways it will feel very familiar standing IN this gang of yahoos. So, no—I’m not moving to Iceland to start a tribe with Paddy O’Leary (though that would be dope…), you’ll still see me around, but THIS Wednesday, 6/27, at 5:29am and 6:29am I will lead my last Wednesday workouts.

It will be a blast. It will be hard. It will be a party. It will be the end of an era, and the start of something new. See you there.

Much Love,
    – C. Payne

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3 Replies to “The End of an Era”

  1. As I told you the other day I never heard of November Project until you joined! It’s amazing to me not only the numbers who show up but their dedication (and certainly your dedication) to this great way of keeping fit! You are all working hard at it but you are all having a good time while running, walking, doing pushups or whatever comes to mind! I love seeing what place you will show up at next! Fenway Park, are you kidding me!!! Chris, you have always had lots of energy(maybe an understatement) and your personality is infectious…..keep posting, this Nana loves seeing them!!

  2. Chris, looks like we’re doing parallel moves across the river, you to Cambridge me to Arlington! Congratulations on all the good things going on in your life! We’ll miss you as leader but hope to see you in the crowd on the stairs!

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