The early days of NP- BAL

The only important part is at the bottom but i’m going to make you scroll to get the announcements!

GUYS! Today was great. 5 small french bulldogs visited us and that was pretty cool.


However, once I wrote that down I realized I didn’t have a whole lot to say about this morning’s workout other than you guys all worked really freaking  hard and I didn’t really do anything. Once I got home from the workout I attempted to do some work but really just ended up getting lost in a maze of old November Project videos. AND THEN I THOUGHT….why don’t I give the tribe a glimpse of what November Project was all about before we got all corporate and I was forced to say “November Project…’trade marked’ ” at least four times at every workout. (This blog was brought to you by our biggest corporate sponsor, TGI Fridays)

Back in the old days all the tribes used to make stupid videos and send them to each other on cassette tapes. Here is one:


Sometimes November Project’s first female co-leader (Laura McCloskey- SF) would make instructional videos for us on how to be good leaders. They were always great.


One time a long time ago in Baltimore we had 35 people and the news came. We freaked out.


And then Sydney made videos and they were way better than what the news did. Because we make the news!


Sometimes we think other tribes are funny:


Back in the day Brogan and Bojan had a really awesome video made that got everyone really pumped about November Project. It still gets us pumped up.


And then McCloskey made a really bad video making fun of the good one. We still like her best.


And then we got serious. Or something like that.

Sometimes I spiral down the staircase of videos because I really love this shit. I live it and breathe it. I think what we’re doing is awesome. I think it makes cities better. I think it makes all of us better.


And we get to make stupidly awesome videos while doing it.

Find me a universe where a dude can have a better life than that.


As always…Take big Bites Out of Life ( AND READ THE ANNOUNCEMENTS!)



Important announcements:


  • For anyone wanting to run in the Baltimore Running festival ( all of you…that’s all of you. Don’t tell us you can’t because I promise you can. Just ask us how to do it) the discount code is : NovemberProjectBmore (yes it’s case sensitive, yes it’s free money)
  • T-shirt contest has been extended by a couple of days. We have a whole bunch of great submissions but we always want more. Get creative. We don’t care if it’s not polished yet, just send it in so I can get it tattooed on my body already. is the e-mail address I couldn’t remember this morning.
  • Guys…#drnhnt is still going on. Venmo @Sydney-VanHorn if you want to support the best dude we all know. If you don’t know what this means, message us. Or send us a note on the back of a box of lucky charms. I’ll be more grateful for the latter of those two options.
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