The Great Pyramid of Squatpliments (LAX)

Most of the time when we have substitute teachers or babysitters, we think it’s time to relax or not be on our best behavior. We goof off, test the rules, sneak cookies, and blow spitballs.


Well, Mom and Dads (Tara, Steve, Ben), we’d like you to know that the kids were amazing today! They bought the kool-aid  we were selling. This morning we confirmed how dedicated the tribe is – dedicated to themselves, dedicated to each other, and dedicated to spreading positivity. The squatpliments were flowing. The “Chance Jacks” emerged. The cartwheels would give the women’s gymnastics team a run for their medals.

Racing across five levels of Lot B, the tribe crushed a rising pyramid of strength exercises: burpees, push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks. To celebrate everyone winning the $500,000 prize for kicking butt, what else could we do? We held a squat-off! No surprise, everyone gave it their all.


Thanks for trusting us with the kids, Mom and Dads. We’re delivering them back to you with strong bodies and good manners – but not before the last babysitters get them!


DESIGN CONTEST UPDATE: As you know, the North Face is giving NP_LAX our own custom shirt (FUCK YEAH!) and letting US create the design! For the artistically inclined, submit your design at The deadline has been extended to Aug. 17, and winners will be announced on the 22nd. More information can be found here.

FINAL BABYSITTERS CLUB: Friday’s workout will be at the Mulholland entrance to Runyon Canyon and led by kickass babysitters Chance and Liana. The exact location will be up in the tracker, so look out for that. There apparently is ample parking.


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