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The workout was awesome.  Our morning was, without a doubt, made better.  We ran.  We did situps and stuff.  We raced.  And high-fived, and laughed, and hugged.  This shit is good.  But that’s not what this blog is going to cover today.  Today’s blog is STARLIGHT HYPE!


Pause what you’re doing, and go HERE!  Then come back and finish reading.


This Saturday, August 13th (9am-12), head down to Balboa Park and join us for the Save Starlight kick-off, Reverse Gardening Party.  If you stuck around for the tribe photo this morning, we posed a question: Why do you show up?  Why did you wake up for the workout this morning?  If it was your first time out or 50th, and you just showed up to get in your workout for the morning, awesome.  We like you, you bring some serious energy; keep showing up.  If you came out to meet up with friends and socialize, or maybe make new friends, meet some cool people (also get in that workout ;), great.  This tribe is for you too, keep coming back.  Or maybe you go deep down the rabbit hole, and along with all the laughing, hugging, smiling, and bouncing, you meet the love of your life, move cities, dive into new career, and step waaaaay outside of your comfort zone… Both sides of the spectrum, and every single shade in between, create the foundation of this tribe.  Everyone has a place, and opportunity is always available.


The Starlight Theater is providing a platform for us all to shift a little further down that spectrum.  This is our opportunity to use our voice, as a tribe, to positively impact our city.  To restore a piece of history sitting right in our own backyard.  Balboa Park lets us grace its presence, run its corridors, bridges, roadways, and jungles, every week.  And now we’ve been presented with an opportunity to say thank you.  No matter how you use it, this is, and can be, far more than just a workout group.

30+ tribe members are already on board for the clean-up this Saturday.  That being said, there is still plenty of room for everyone.  Let’s really own this one NPSD!



And HUGE thanks to Jeff and the whole crew for really getting this amazing thing going!


And TWIST with that shiny new wooden oar handle!




Oh, and also:

Next Monday:  Tourmaline Surf Park, 6:29AM

STARLIGHT THEATER (cliffnotes)!  Saturday, August 13 (9:00AM-noon; feel free to show up early), we’ll be heading to the Starlight Theatre to help with rehab efforts with other volunteers. RSVP for the event here! Join the NPSD Social Page, and check out the announcements. WE NEED A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS because there’s a huge opportunity for us to be involved with rallying volunteers, managing sign-up, and generally being a bigger part of the efforts. Be there! Give back to the city! And let’s rehabilitate a sick location that we can potentially use as a new workout location! Reach out to any of the leaders, Sam LeeJeff Boman, or Jessi Nahama for more details!




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  1. Someday in the future can we take our pic w the Air & Space Museum jets in front? lol- Thanks to you Eugene and Ashleigh and Lauren and Angelo for all you do for us….!!!

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