The Des Effect

Des Linden was the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon last week for the first time in decades. You would think she committed months ago to winning, toed the start line with a winner’s mindset, and plugged along the historic 26.2 course strictly taking names. Yet in all her post-race interviews, she tells us that wasn’t the case at all.
When Shalane Flanagan commented on her all-black-shoes in Hopkinton being slick, Des responded by saying, “we’ll see about that.” When Des got to about mile 6, she was strongly considering dropping out. As the race went on, she started helping Shalane and Molly Huddle run their best races and was no longer in it for herself.  She slowly realized that the brutality of the wind, rain, and cold was hitting her competition hard, and she was actually able to fight through to the finish line first.  Des says that as she broke away from the pack, she still didn’t believe that there was nobody in front of her; it was only when she saw the American flag waiting for her down Boylston Street that it hit her that she had, in fact, fucking won the 122nd Boston Marathon.
Des Linden November Project San Diego
What does this have to do with us amateur group of weirdos? This is EVERYTHING November Project is about; #weatherproof-ness, encouraging others to achieve their goals, and by doing so, just maybe surprising ourselves by what we are all capable of.
November Project San Diego
Maybe you PR when you put your head down and grind. Maybe you PR when you run alone. Maybe, though, you PR when you push others, stick out your hand for those extra high fives, let go of your outcome goals, and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other. When you show up for yourself, you show up for those around you, and conversely, sometimes when you show up for those around you, you end up showing up for yourself in ways you never thought possible.
November Project San Diego
  • Sunday, 4/29 at 9 AM is our NPSD Tourmaline Beach Cleanup. Come join us to keep our San Diego clean! Details here.
  • Immediately following the cleanup is an NPSD Beach Day Social! We’ll have some prizes and games. Check out the details here.
  • SUMMIT in September. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from other tribes and to recognize just how big and awesome this COMMUNITY is. We’re more than just a workout group. So grab a team, and sign up for the race – we get 20% off! Details here.
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