#APRHILL PR DAY + Know Your Tribe (Laura Traferro Florio)

First off, a BIG CONGRATS to Westside Wednesdays becoming November Project West LA this morning.  Y’all have been doing an amazing job on the west side and we are excited to see what the future holds for this great city of Los Angeles. More love for Southern California 🙂

Secondly, sadly this is the second to last time I’ll be able to use #APRHILL as a title starter but soon it will be May and life moves on.   Another PR day in the books and what a glorious morning it was.  Plenty of humidity, lots of hills, some mosquitoes here and there, and the return of the POSITIVITY AWARD!!!  Yes, the PA has been a little MIA and no, we hadn’t lost it or forgotten about it.  If you were there this morning, you heard the story.  If not, well that’s why you need to #justshowup to get in on what’s happening.  But really, we had missed handing this out to members of the tribe and were so thrilled to be able to hand this new portion of an oar over to Kira, one of the many rockstars that shows up week after week with energy, creativity, a positive attitude, and an amazing work ethic.

Now Friday we take on the last of the hills – Micheltorena – and well, it’s not too close of a competition buuuuut there is some hope for #TeamKait.

Team Kait – 1060

Team Mess – 1238

Let’s get to know another wonderful individual in the tribe – Laura Traferro Florio 🙂


  • First workout (month/year): October 2014 (SF tribe); September 2015 (LA tribe. Came for a few months, but was gone for over a year due to several injuries. Back since April 2017)
  • Angeleno or transplant: Born in Argentina but moved to LA when I was 5.
  • Favorite workout: BEACHTOBER
  • Why do you keep showing up? I love being a part of a community that loves fitness and running as much as I do.
  • Superpower: I can add/subtract/multiply/divide large numbers in my head
  • Spirit animal: Cat
  • Occupation: Grantwriting/fundraising for the Autry Museum
  • Any nicknames: No nicknames, but Laura is not my first name
  • Proudest moment: Running my first marathon (Big Sur)


Annnnnnnd time for NOTES + FUN FACT

NP Social @ Pearl’s Rooftop – Happy hour is from 5-7 but there’ll be folks sticking around even when the food/beverages jump back to normal prices.

Battle of the Babysitters – Joel and Molly are our first set of #babysitters, and they’re excited to take charge on 5/4 at Santa Monica!! GET HYPED!

Finish the Ride/Run – Sunday 4/29 we are racing/cheering our faces off in our very own backyard. Plan to meet around 8 or earlier at the Autry so that we can enjoy the opening ceremony, take lots of cool before pictures, #recruiteveryone because well, we’ll be in Griffith Park, and then get ready to race/run/walk!  Make sure to bring that #grassrootsgear out! (For those of you reading this who don’t know what this is, it’s a piece of clothing that has “November Project” spray-painted on it. Bring a piece of gear to be tagged next PR day!)

** If you haven’t signed up, there seems to be room and day of registration starts at 6am.

PICTURE DAY! – We’re going back to the 90’s on May 11.  Location TBA Soon…

FUN FACT:  Today is the perfect date.  It’s April 25th and all you need is a light jacket.

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