The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway (YEG)

Back in January 2015, Brogan and Bojan came to Edmonton to talk at the first ever Winter Cities Conference. During that conference, there was a presentation from this company from Utah which created a castle out of ice. I remember turning to Bojan and telling him that that would be such an awesome place to have a workout. I immediately thought of two things: 1) I wish there was a tribe in Utah.  2) I hope someone brings this to Edmonton. Later on that year , I heard that the Ice Castles were coming to Edmonton. Weekly, I would send them messages through their website to see if they’d let us do a workout inside. Those messages were either ignored or went to a bottomless inbox that no one ever read. When the Ice Castles returned for the second year in January 2017, I searched high and low for a different way to contact them, and miraculously, I found a name through a news article in the local paper. After some sleuthing, I was able to write a direct email to the Edmonton contact at the Ice Castles. When I got a response, I had 7 seconds of elation before I read that 6am was the time that they do the safety checks on the ice castle.

This year, I decided to give it a shot again. Another email was sent, and this time we go the thumbs up. Then the planning began…


A huge shoutout to everyone from the Ice Castles for making it happen this morning. Also, big shoutout to Trent, Katie and Steven for capturing all the fun today.

Facebook will have all the photos and we’ll be posting the video soon!


Find the Good,


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