The bugs!!!

Gooood morning NP Canada!

I hope you had a great weekend. I sure did. A hot Summer weekend? What could be better?!

What has been popping up a lot lately are the mosquitos. Holy smokes. Looks like we need some bug spray for the next bit.

Total change in topic….

I know that sometimes, some of us show up not feeling our best whether that be because of a bad sleep, a big family/ life event, a poor mental health day, work distractions, or whatever else is going on.

That happens to me too sometimes.

Of course, it’s hard to rid yourself of these feelings when you #justshowup. But, if you choose to, it can be freeing to leave aside those bags that we carry at different points in life. Just for 30 minutes. And, if you choose to, lean on us. I wrote this long ago but the sentiment is very alive and true – NP’s got my back. Always. You don’t even have to say anything if that’s not your style. Just being side by side, sweating and working your a$$ off, is sometimes enough to know that your NP peeps have got you.

Anyhow, I never know who needs to hear this reminder but, if that’s you, it’s here if/when you need it.

See ya Wednesday!


  • Wednesday at 5:58am- we’re meeting inside Gate 2 at Commonwealth Stadium. Come have some #stairsforbreakfast.
  • Wednesday at 6:45am to whenever- we’re having coffee at Felice Cafe. You can walk, run, drive, bike, or lunge to get there.
  • Friday August 18- it’s TAGGING DAY! Bring exactly one (no more) bright or light coloured shirt and we’ll get you going in fresh, grassroots gear.
  • Sunday August 20- it’s the Edmonton Marathon!!! NPCanada will be meeting in front of the Oliver Exchange building and will be cheering our hearts out for all those race crushers out there. Come join!
  • August 30 at 5:28am- it’s the return of the ol’ 96er / Gristle challenge. We’re announcing a third challenge for that day too. OR, show up at our usual 5:58am to crush 30 mins of stairs.
  • September 6- it’s time for yearbook photos!! Our annual theme will be announced soon.

~ togetherisbetter


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