The Bridge is NOT Shaking!?!?

The second bridge workout of the month took us to the LRT footbridge in Edmonton’s beautiful River Valley. Some may know this as the blue bridge that is near our Wednesday home at the Royal Glenora Stairs.

Last week, someone commented that when the bridge shakes, it’s a good thing and that we should be concerned when it doesn’t shake. Well, this bridge didn’t shake. Even with multiple light rail transit vehicles above us, I only heard rumblings, but did not feel any shaking. Good thing I didn’t have time to be concerned. Since we’re all getting stronger, we figured you could all handle this bridge which was twice as long as the last one, but probably half as wide.  If you do the math, it basically makes you wonder how two LRT trains can go side by side on this thing.

Did you know we are welcoming 3 new tribes on Wednesday? That’s right. This Wendesday, there will be 10 cities, 2 countries, and 1 tribe. Give our new friends a follow. They are (in a very particular order): Philadelphia (facebook/twiiter), Baltimore (facebook/twitter) and Indianapolis (facebook/twitter).


ps. They’re called Hoisties or (Hoisty-J’s if you do the jump at the end)

Wednesday is our Mugshot/Semi-Annual Yearbook Photo Day. Bring your game face!



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