Only 8 minutes…

8 minute circuit should be enough of a workout to get your arms and chest shaking and your glutes and quads burning all the way to your respective showers. If that wasn’t the case this morning you were doing something wrong. The whole point of doing one exercise as fast as you can for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds, and repeating it eight times, is to build your strength and endurance while burning fat that is normally built up during cold winter months. You can do this workout in your living room, basement, back yard, park, beach, hotel, or a prison cell as it doesn’t require much space or resources. You can bet your burning booty that this is not the last time we’re doing this workout.

On Wednesday we’re excited to announce our first #POWER10 workout that will involve 10 North American locations. Make sure that you welcome Philadelphia (facebook/twiiter), Baltimore (facebook/twitter) and Indianapolis (facebook/twitter) tribes to our ever expanding November Project family.

Happy Monday!

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