Make-out Point

Somewhere just beyond the crest of North China Hill, there’s a magical little place where Rebecca Daniels takes unsuspecting – erm – “gentleman acquaintances” for hour long sunset make-out sessions. She thought she was the only one who knew about it… she was wrong. At 6:30am sharp, NPSF set out due west from Vallejo and Powell St. for a hill / stair session that produced just as much sweat, heavy breathing, and tears as making out with Rebecca Daniels. Wow, three sentences Clayton? That’s how long it takes you to get extremely inappropriate? Come on…

The tribe was over 40 people strong this morning and the sun had an orgasm all over the San Francisco sky li- GOD DAMN IT CLAYTON! That’s it, you’re cut off.

Happy Friday! Way to #EARNYOURWEEKEND.


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