The April Endurance Challenge (YEG)

So far in 2021, we’ve done monthly challenges focused on the lower body, the upper body, and the whole body. Now with the snow slowly melting and our dreams of spring coming true, we’re switching it up to focus on our endurance every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in April.

If you haven’t signed up already please do so here (anyone globally is welcome to join):

By this weekend (April 3-4) you will receive an email with your new team members Cc’d. “But wait doesn’t the new month start tomorrow? What are we doing on Friday?” This holiday Friday April 2nd we are honorarily kicking off this challenge’s theme with the Sunrise 6km event. We ask that you run the 6km on friday and join us on Zoom at 8am MST, if you are free. NOTE: this event will not formally be a part of the April Challenge but we would still ask that you sign up for the April Challenge before this weekend if possible (send us a message on our social accounts if you have any issues).

How the Challenge works:

  • You’ll be placed on a random team of 3;
  • You have 30mins to complete the designated workout for that day (posted on social media the day before);
  • You can do the workout at any time of day but it must be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday;
  • For this month we are keeping ourselves accountable by tracking total distance traveled. Whether you are using a watch, or a phone app, the choice is up to you;
  • The exercises we will be giving are not just pure running and will be scalable for all fitness levels;
  • Before midnight each M/W/F a team captain will submit your collective total distance traveled for that day;
  • Join us on May 2nd for an NP social at 9:30am MST (link to be provided) where we’ll connect as a larger group, play some games, and celebrate the completion of the challenge; and
  • Throughout the month Lazina and I will be watching for how your team is doing. Teams with amazing “spirit” (whatever that means to you) could receive some awesome homemade prizes. I hear Lazina has some siiiiiiiiiiiiick macaroni art skills.

As always the focus of these challenges is to connect with your team and to always strive for quality exercises. We’ll be providing a suggested warm up routine and we encourage you to listen to how your body is feeling on the day (stay healthy).

“What happened to the March Challenge? Did we get over our goal of 333,333 reps????” There will be a special blog tomorrow listing the team break downs for the month and an IG live event at 4:30pm MST to release our final tally/handout some prizes! See you then 🙂


  • March Challenge Results – Tomorrow at 4:30pm MST live on Instagram
  • Sunrise 6km April 2nd – Post run 8am MST Zoom link:
    • Practice proper social distancing, create your own unique 6km run (try to be considerate and avoid places where people bunch together), and be smart. We can’t wait to see what routes you come up with while running outside, in your apartment, or even your backyard – you do you.
  • Sign up for the April Challenge before this weekend.
  • Hold the date: May 2nd NP social at 9:30am MST celebrating the end of the April Challenge

Keep being awesome,


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